Adult Advanced Group (1400 – 1800 Elo)

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Course Dates:
Thursday 20th / 27th January
Thursday 03rd/10th & 17th February
Duration: 5 weeks

This course is for tournament standard players of any age with a rating between 1400 and 1800 Elo. The course is open to young adults aged sixteen and over with parental approval.

  • Each week a specific opening variation will be introduced and explained to students. The theme of this term’s course is how to diversify your opening repertoire to include attacking lines with 1. d4 and 1. c4 without getting bogged down in learning excessive amount of theory.
  • Experimenting with the English and Queen’s Pawn openings as white is essential for all players who attempting to improve their positional understanding of the game.
  • In the course of this term students will have opportunities to try out the various lines explored in classes, either in friendly practice games or tournaments with other students or in online simuls against IM Mark Quinn.
  • Master and Student games will be analysed in class and specific quizzes assigned to students to re-enforce their understanding of the tactical motifs and strategic ideas underpinning these opening lines.
  • Over the course of the term, students will learn the fundamental ideas underpinning pawn and rook endings through undertaking specifically designed quizzes in the portal.
  • All the opening variations studied form part of the classical Chess Bud Opening Repertoire which builds on the lines covered in the COMPLETE, EXPERIENCED BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE classes.
  • A key part of each class is the analysis of the games of students from over-the-board and online tournaments.

5 x 90 minute weekly classes online
€85 per person

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Time to deepen your knowledge of Positional Play? Interested in adding a super-solid and deceptively dynamic flank opening to your white repertoire? Tired of being positionally squeezed by the English or the Reti? Watch Mark’s video analysing a key variation in the Reti Nimzovitsch-Larsen Attack.