Adult Experienced Beginner Group (700 – 1000 Elo)


Summer Course 2022 commences Wednesday 4th May – Enrol Now!

Course Dates:

  • A six-week online course for EXPERIENCED BEGINNERS new to Chess Bud or students who have already completed my COMPLETE BEGINNERS course.
  • An EXPERIENCED BEGINNER knows how all the pieces move, understands key concepts such as checkmate, stalemate, en passant etc.
  • The group meets once a week for 90 minutes on Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30pm re-commencing 28th February 2022
  • The Online class is conducted using Zoom.
  • There is a maximum of twenty students per class
  • Each session is part of a specific curriculum designed by Mark to help you develop your all-round game by deepening your knowledge of Classical Openings (1.e4 e5) and the key tactical and strategic motifs that those openings give rise to.
  • Some of the Opening Variations and middlegame positions which will be explored during the SUMMER TERM arise from the increasingly popular Scotch Game central attack with 4. d4. We will also be looking at how to play for a win in equal Petroff Defence middlegames and taking a look at the ever resilient Philidor Defence, which is still very much alive and kicking since the time of the French Revolution. Students will have the change to play out and analyse many equal middlegames in themed tournaments to begin learning how to navigate these super-solid under-rated black defences.
  • Close analysis of student and master games in class.
  • On enrolling in the course you will be issued with your own personalised login to the Coaching Portal on the Chess Bud website ( This log-in will remain active for as long as you are a Chess Bud student and for one month following the conclusion of the course.
  • Participate in online simuls with Mark,
  • Play friendly games and themed competitions with other class members on Sunday nights in the Portal from 7-8.30pm
  • Solve tactical challenges and endgame quizzes in the portal.
  • Play through opening databases of annotated games in the portal
  • Click here to see Mark’s teaching style

Enrol in the Adult Experienced Beginner’s Group Course using secure PayPal. If you would like to join the course midway email and I will invoice you for the correct amount based on the remaining classes.

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