Adult Experienced Beginner Group (700-1000 Elo)

Autumn Course 2021 commences Monday October 4th – Enrol Now!

  • A ten-week online course for experienced beginners or students who have already completed my COMPLETE BEGINNERS course.
  • The group meets once a week for 90 minutes on Monday evenings from 7-8.30pm commencing 4th October 2021
  • The Online class is conducted using Zoom.
  • On enrolling in the course you will be issued with your own personalised login to the Coaching Portal on the Chess Bud website ( This log-in will remain active for as long as you are a Chess Bud student.
  • Your personalised login will enable you to attend classes, play friendly games with other class members during and outside of class times, complete tactical challenges, quizzes and puzzles between classes, take part in simultaneous matches against IM Mark Quinn and review materials covered in class in your own time to re-enforce lessons.
  • Each session is part of a specific curriculum designed by Mark to help you develop your all-round game by deepening your knowledge of Classical Openings (1.e4 e5) and the key tactical and strategic motifs that those openings give rise to.
  • Classes begin each week with an in-depth analysis of students’ games from the Sunday night Chess Bud Tournaments.
  • Close analysis of student’s games will lead to a deeper understanding of specific pawn structures and middlegame play in Classical Openings and how to go about creating an attack or marshalling troops to hold a position under pressure.
  • Each week a specific opening variation will be considered and presented to the class followed by a short quiz in which students will undertake a tactical quiz based on the opening variation under discussion.
  • The group will then play a practice game against each other or against Mark in a simultaneous in order to try out the variation. These games will then be analysed in class.
  • Opening Variations which will be explored include The Scotch Gambit, The Ponziani Opening, The Petroff Defence, The Ruy Lopez, The Italian Game, The Vienna Variation, The Four Knights variation with 5) g3 and 5) d4, The Fried Liver Attack and last but not least The Tricky Traxler Counter-Attack, a Chess Bud favourite for black.
  • By the end of the ten weeks you should be able to punt with confidence the Classical Openings with white and black in your online chesscapades with family and friends, or in -over-the-board tournaments or against all-comers on!
  • Every Sunday evening during the summer term I host a dedicated beginners online tournament for participants from all of my beginners courses past and present. The Chess Bud weekly ‘Beginners Bash’ Tournament is free to enter and takes place on every Sunday evening between 7.30 and 9pm. When you feel it is time to play stronger opposition you can advance to the Chess Bud weekly ‘Challengers’ Blitz on for players rated over 1000 Elo
  • Click here to see Mark’s teaching style

10 x 90 minute weekly classes online
€170 per person

Enrol in the Adult Experienced Beginner’s Group Course using secure PayPal. If you would like to join the course midway email and I will invoice you for the correct amount based on the remaining classes.

If you feel the beginner’s class is too basic and that I am covering material you already know, you can switch to the intermediate class which takes place on Saturday mornings from 11-12.30pm

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