After-School Club Advanced

All about this course…

Maximum twenty kids enrolled per class so as to enable students to move and up and down between classes depending on their strength and progress.

This course is open to primary or secondary school students with an online or over-the-board ELO rating between 1400-1800.

If you enrol in the Advanced Course and find it too difficult, you can move to the Intermediate course on Thursdays from 4-5pm.

The best way to work out what the right course is for each student is to follow the online chess rating criteria, i.e. Complete Beginners (Unrated to 700 ELO), Experienced Beginners (700-1000 ELO), Intermediate (1000-1400 ELO) & Advanced (1400-1800 ELO).

IM Mark Quinn is teaching a specific structured curriculum in each course so any player who enrols in the January 2022 course will have first right of refusal to join the Spring and Summer courses so as to complete the Chess Bud Program.

Number of Weeks