Chess Bud Shakedown

Chess Bud Shakedown

Have you just played a tournament and felt that your result was below par? Did promising positions against weaker opponents dissipate to draws? Tired of higher-rated opponents steam-rolling you in the opening or out manoeuvring you in the endgame? After the games, you may well have used a computer engine to see what went wrong, to work out where you might have played differently. The computer may even have justified your play up to the point of some unfortunate blunder. Now, days, perhaps weeks after the games took place do you think you could pinpoint the critical moments of each game? Are you confident you could handle similar positions better in the future? More often than not, superficial computer analysis is of little benefit in getting to the crux of why a draw or a win slip through your fingers.

If you are trying to work out what you need to do to get to the next level or simply want to give your game a makeover why not consider the ‘Chess Bud Shakedown’?

Send me six of your recent games and I will analyse and annotate them in depth. A close analysis of your games will provide insights into where your strengths and weaknesses lie. My annotations will include suggestions that you may have overlooked during the games, alternative forks in the path that could have led to entirely different games and outcomes. Benefit from the original analysis and insight of an experienced IM rather than long computer-generated lines that do little to shed light on your decision making processes at the board. Rethink the way you analyse your own games. See a different perspective on your play.

The games will be sent to you in CBV format and can be opened and played through using the program ‘Chessbase Light’ which can be downloaded for free from

€80 for 6 deeply annotated games.

€150 for 6 deeply annotated games including a 90 minute explanatory session with Mark.

Chess Bud Shakedown

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