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Hi there! IM Mark Quinn here. If you are you an independent coach interested in expanding your chess business or the founder of a chess academy looking to enhance your chess offering, then Chesslang's state-of-the-art online chess platform and chess content management system may be just what you are looking for. To book a demo and consultation with a professional coach and IM who has made the Chesslang platform an integral part of his business, please fill out the form below and I will get in touch to set up a zoom meeting. The more I know about your current chess business and future goals, the easier it will be for us to explore how to make Chesslang work for you, your students and your business.

Chesslang Ireland/UK

Calling all chess coaches who would like to bring their chess business to the next level.

Greetings from Kilkenny, Ireland.

My name is Mark Quinn.  I am an international master of chess and full-time chess coach.  I founded my chess school in September 2020 and currently teach individuals and groups online and run summer camps for kids as well as online events.

Creating a full-time living from chess is one of the perennial challenges facing professional chess coaches.  With so many coaches offering lessons in a crowded online marketplace, why not give yourself  and your chess school a solid foundation and ‘an edge’ by making the Chesslang coaching platform an integral part of your student offering?  No matter what your forte is, whether it is teaching individuals or groups or creating original content (i.e. annotated games, puzzles, chess videos etc. ) the Chesslang platform is ready to play to your unique talents. IM Mark Quinn has been using Chesslang’s online platform for the last three years and has made it an integral part of his student offering and business platform.

If you are a chess coach who would like to explore how the Chesslang online portal can enhance your business, why not request a free consultation with Mark by filling out the form on the opposite side of this page.  Tell Mark about what you currently offer students and what your ultimate vision for your school or academy is.  During the consultation, Mark and you can explore how Chesslang can enhance your current offering and expand your student base.

Let’s Play Chess!
IM Mark Quinn