It may be you are an absolute beginner who has finally found the time to take up the great game but is not sure where to start. Even if you are only looking forward to playing chess for fun with family, friends or online, I will be happy to build you a bespoke training program to get your chess adventures underway.

Perhaps you are a keen player and student of the game whose results have begun to plateau. The law of diminishing returns kicks in at various points in every chess player’s career as you attempt to reach the next rung of the chess ladder. Sometimes, all you need is an injection of ideas and a little guidance to raise your game to the next level. At different stages in my chess development, I benefited immensely from training sessions with GM Mihai Suba, GM Alexander Baburin and analysing and playing endless hours of blitz and rapid matches with Italian IMs Federico Manca and Carlo Rossi.

It goes without saying that very few chess players make the most of their talent without guiding influences at critical stages in their chess development. Whether you have just achieved your first rating or are an experienced player hoping to break the magical 2000+ level or an expert with his or her sights set on achieving the FM, IM or GM title, I will be happy to build a bespoke training program for you.


So, how do we get started?

Drop me an email to and let me know what your chess goals are and also what your or lichess handles (the names you play under online) are and I will review a sample of your games.

I only take on eight individual students at any one time. Some are complete beginners, others are striving to become national champions or attain the International Master or Grandmaster Title. I keep working with students until such a time as they achieve their specific goals, or decide to break from coaching or to move on to train with other coaches, at which point I am open to taking on a new student. Many of my individual students have attended my beginners, intermediate and advanced courses before signing up for one-on-one lessons with a view to achieving specific goals. I also regularly ‘second’ students, i.e. provide advice and help prepare students for international and domestic competitions including round-by-round preparation for specific opponents.

About this Package:

You can book an individual one-off coaching session or 5 or 10 lesson packages. Training programs are tailored to each student’s needs and goals. Coaching sessions are conducted online through Zoom and using the Chess Bud Coaching Portal where students can participate in friendly practice and themed opening tournaments, review databases of games annotated by IM Mark Quinn and complete assignments designed to help bring their game to the next level. Where possible, I ask individual students to book in advance in blocks of 5 or 10 lessons so that I can develop a tailored training program for them. I offer a discounted rate on blocks of 5 or 10 lessons.

A typical training program of 5 or 10 lessons consists of:

90 minute lessons developed to help students reach the next level.
Close analysis of student’s games.
Building an opening repertoire that best suits your style of play.
Middlegame and Endgame analysis.
Weekly homework

Coaching Minors

Chess Bud Ireland strictly adheres to the Irish Chess Union’s Child Protection Policy which means that lessons involving individuals or groups of children under the age of eighteen must take place in the presence of an adult or a guardian. For further information please see the relevant documentation at

Individual Training Packages:
€90 for 1 x 90 min lesson
€425 for 5 x 90 min lesson
€800 for 10 x 90 min lesson

You can choose one of the following payment options to secure your child’s place on this course:

1) Revolut to:
+353-85-1526889 or by using this link –

2) Paypal to: or through searching my username: @chessbud

3) EFT to Chess Bud IBAN: