Intermediate & Advanced Kids Summer Camps

Open to kids and young adults in primary and secondary school who have a playing standard or online or over-the-board rating equivalent to 1000 Elo plus.

Enrol your son or daughter in morning or afternoon camps or a mixture of both, whatever suits your family’s summer schedule.
Discounted rates for siblings

Intermediate Camps
( 1000-1400 Elo plus)

Camp 1: 2nd – 5th August
(Tue-Fri; 9.30am -13.00pm)

Camp 2: 22nd-26th August
(Mon-Fri; 9.30am-13.00pm)

Advanced Camps
(1400-1800 Elo plus)

Camp 1: 2nd-5th August
(Tue-Fri; 2.30-6pm)

Camp 2: 22nd-26th August
(Mon-Fri; 2.30-6pm)

Training with Grandmaster Mihai Suba in Dublin in 1990. Working with Mihai, one of the most creative grandmasters in the 1980’s and 1990’s, had a profound effect on my chess development and chess thinking.

Intermediate and Advanced Camps Summer 2022

INTERMEDIATE CAMP 1: 2nd-5th August
(Tues-Fri; Mornings)
ADVANCED CAMP 1: 2nd-5th August
(Tues-Fri; Afternoons)

INTERMEDIATE CAMP 2: 22nd-26th August (Mon-Fri; Mornings)
ADVANCED CAMP 2: 22nd-26th August (Mon-Fri; Afternoons)
Select half or full-days to suit your family's summer schedule!
Includes 2 x 15 min break
€20 - 1 Child
+ €13 - 2nd Child
+ €10 - 3rd Child
Includes 2 x 15 min break
€20 - 1 Child
+ €13 - 2nd Child
+ €10 - 3rd Child

€40 - 1 Child
€66 - 2 Children
€86 - 3 Children

You can enrol your son or daughter just for the mornings / just for the afternoons /or for full-days (AM & PM) or for a mixture of half-days and full-days throughout the week. New ideas and material are covered in each session so there is no repetition in morning and afternoon sessions.

Intermediate & Advanced camps take place on the same week. Intermediate camps take place in the mornings from 9.30am-1pm. Advanced Camps take place from 2.30-6.00pm.

Structures, strategies and tactics relating to King’s Pawn Openings are the focus of the intermediate morning sessions.

Afternoon Advanced Classes focus on more positional Queen’s Pawn and Flank openings, decision making and plan formation in the middlegame and how to incrementally increase one’s advantage or mount resilient defences.

A student who is of a sufficient level to attend the Intermediate camp can also enrol in the Advanced Class.

Students in both camps will analyse and then test specific positions in themed training sessions and competitions against IM Mark Quinn and other invited strong titled players. Students who have competed in recent over-the-board tournaments are invited to send their games to Mark in advance of the camps beginning, so Mark can review them and provide specific advice during sessions.

Classes are conducted through zoom. each student who enrols on a course is given their own personalised account in the Chess Bud Training Portal. During the camp, students will use the portal to take part in daily class tournaments, participate in training simuls against Mark, solve quizzes and be able to review opening and endgame content covered during the Summer Camp. Kids can also play friendly games against each other in the portal outside of class times. Mark will keep their accounts active in the portal for 3 weeks from the time they enrol, so kids use the portal to play each other, compete in Chess Bud Tournaments and review annotated databases. For as long their accounts are active, kids can also participate in the weekly Chess Bud themed opening tournaments which take place on Monday evenings throughout the summer.

How to enrol!

If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter in a Chess Bud Summer Camp, please email letting him know which course you are interested in. When there is a minimum of 10 kids taking the course, Mark will email you details on how to enrol your child and the various payment options (Revolut/ Paypal/ EFT)