Experienced Beginners Kids Summer Camps

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Enrol your child in morning or afternoon camps or a mixture of both to suit your family’s summer schedule.
Suitable for kids aged 7 to 16. Discounted rates for siblings!

CAMP 1: 18th; 20th – 22nd July
(Mon; Wed – Fri)

CAMP 2: 15th-20th August
9.30am-1pm ; 2.30-5pm

Mark competing for Ireland for the first time at the World Under 14 Championships in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1990. Please excuse the 1980’s style shorts. The boys under 14 section was won by a certain Hungarian girl called Judith Polger, who would soon become one of the top 10 players in the world.

Experienced Beginners Camps Summer 2022

CAMP 1: 18th-22nd July (Mon-Fri)
CAMP 2: 15th-20th August (Mon-Fri)
Select half or full-days to suit your family's summer schedule!
Includes 2 x 15 min break
€20 - 1 Child
+ €13 - 2nd Child
+ €10 - 3rd Child
Includes 2 x 15 min break
€15 - 1 Child
+ €10 - 2nd Child
+ €7 - 3rd Child

€35 - 1 Child
€58 - 2 Children
€75 - 3 Children

You can enrol your son or daughter just for the mornings / just for the afternoons /or for full-days (AM & PM) or for a mixture of half-days and full-days throughout the week. New ideas and material are covered in each session so there is no repetition in morning and afternoon sessions.

Experienced Beginners Kids Camps are aimed at experienced beginners who have been playing chess for a time already in either school or at home and who have mastered the fundamentals of chess such as how the pieces move, concepts such as castling, en passant, how to deliver checkmate etc. These camps are not suitable for complete beginners who should enroll instead in a Complete Beginner Summer Camp. This course is for players rated from Unrated up to 1000 Elo and focusses on dangerous attacking ideas and key defensive techniques that every player needs to know to get to the next level (1000 Elo plus and beyond!)

Classes are conducted through zoom. each student who enrols on a course is given their own personalised account in the Chess Bud Training Portal. During the camp, students will use the portal to take part in daily class tournaments, participate in training simuls against Mark, solve quizzes and be able to review opening and endgame content covered during the Summer Camp. Kids can also play friendly games against each other in the portal outside of class times. Mark will keep their accounts active in the portal for 3 weeks from the time they enrol, so kids use the portal to play each other, compete in Chess Bud Tournaments and review annotated databases. For as long their accounts are active, kids can also participate in the weekly Chess Bud themed opening tournaments which take place on Monday evenings throughout the summer.

Enrol now in the Chess Bud Experienced Beginners Summer Kids Camp 15th to 20th August 2022 using the booking form below

Please use this form to enroll your son or daughter in Chess Bud Ireland’s Experienced Beginners Kids Chess Camp. This camp is for kids who know all of the basic rules of the game and have some experience playing either at home, online or in school. There are two camps – a morning camp from 9.30am to 1pm (€20 per morning, i.e. €100 for five mornings from Monday to Friday) and an afternoon camp from 2.30pm to 5pm (€15 per afternoon, i.e. €75 for five afternoons from Monday to Friday). We will be meeting on Zoom and playing friendly games, class simuls and tournaments in the Chess Bud online coaching portal. Students who enrol on any Chess Bud summer camp will be invited to regular online tournaments throughout July and August and can work on their game accessing training databases within the portal for that time. This camp is not suitable for Complete Beginners.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 9.30 to 1pm OR 2.30 to 5pm
Zoom details are emailed the morning of each camp.
Please ensure to click the morning or afternoon option on the form. Once payment is made your child’s place on this camp is secured.

1 student/2 siblings/3 siblings
Morning Camp:
Afternoon Camp:

Many thanks for enrolling your child in this camp.
Looking forward to helping them realize their chess potential!

Kindest Regards,
International Master Mark Quinn, PhD, FIDE Trainer

If your son or daughter plays on Chess.com or Lichess, let Mark know what their chess handles are i.e. the names they play under on those sites. Mark will review their games to make sure they are on the right course.
Tell Mark about your child's chess journey so far and if they have any short-term or long-term goals. Or if they are just playing chess for fun!