Mark is obviously very knowledgeable about chess and his enthusiasm is infectious. My daughters both really enjoyed the weekly classes, the weekly tournaments Mark organised and the other teachings and tasks Mark uploaded between classes.  Mark has a great way with kids, is very approachable and encouraging. He watched the tournaments and gave personalised feedback to each child, always succeeding in explaining everything in a way they understood.  I think the classes are excellent value for money, Mark is very generous with his time, has a huge amount of resources available on his site which kids can access outside of class and is accommodating in letting kids switch days if necessary. My kids had previously attended chess classes in person elsewhere but both prefer Mark’s online classes and both have definitely learned more in Mark’s classes.  We enrolled in two terms so far and will enroll again.  I highly recommend these classes for kids.

Ann, Longford, Mother of 9 & 11 year old sisters in the experienced beginners classes, July 2022

I watched The Queen’s Gambit and decided to take up chess. After a year or so of playing chess online, I started to take lessons from Mark. Six months later, I’ve found myself apart of a whole chess community. I regularly take part in over-the-board tournaments (I’ve even won some games!). Mark’s classes are so engaging and the curriculum offers a wonderful structure to my chess education. My level has consistently improved since I joined Chessbud.
Trish, Dublin, Experienced Beginners Class

I completed the beginner’s chess course with Mark & I thoroughly enjoyed it – I felt I could ask any question, no matter how basic it was.  Reviewing my and others people’s games was also a great way of learning & I’d never have played the online tournaments if he hadn’t organised them & encouraged the class to take the plunge!  Overall, a great experience & the course also helped to ease lockdown!

E. Maguire, Dublin, Complete Beginners Class

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chessbud Advanced Course.  The material is always pitched at a manageable level and Mark’s easy-going manner makes learning and improving seem effortless. Thanks Mark!

Brendan, Solicitor, Advanced Class

I decided to take a few classes with Mark in order to play chess with my young grandchildren. Mark’s encouragement, enthusiasm, positivity and engagement has inspired me to play in Mark’s tournaments, eventually beat my 4 year old grandson and to continue with his classes.

Maura, Retired Scientist, 70+, Complete Beginners Class

I have attended two of Mark’s group courses and have just signed up for a third. I find Mark’s classes very useful for developing my chess skills. His classes cover a lot and at the same time are very enjoyable, an hour and a half flies by! Despite being group lessons, Mark gives plenty of personalised advice suited to each individual’s style of play. Highly recommended.

Patrizia, Tourism Professional, Experienced Beginners Class

I found Mark’s course to be very informative and fun. It was great to get an insight into how to improve from an international master and Mark’s passion for, and ability in Chess, is very clear. As a relative beginner I felt my game improved over the weeks and Mark provides invaluable insight on options for self study and improvement. The weekly tournaments are an excellent opportunity to play against players from my own strength level right to to IM standard. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course for anyone looking to improve their game, whatever their current level.

John, 40s, Dublin, Intermediate Class

I very much enjoyed the Chess Bud advanced course. After taking a two-year break from chess, I decided in October 2020 to try an online chess course and found Chess Bud. The course was excellent! Mark delivers really good engaging content and gets to know each participants style of play. The weekly tournaments offer players the chance to do battle against each other and Mark provides valuable feedback and analysis on games played. I would highly recommend Chess Bud to chess players of all skill levels. I’m really looking forward to the next course and also hope to play against Mark in a simultaneous display in 2021.

Paul Ryan, Bray Chess Club

Whatever level you are at, I’d highly recommend Chess Bud. From basic tactics to advanced strategies Mark has a way of explaining and demonstrating concepts that make complex ideas much easier to process.

John, 20s, Italy, Advanced Class

Returning to chess after many years during the recent restrictions, I have found Mark’s course (Intermediate level) invaluable – not just in bringing me back up to speed, but in developing my ability to evaluate positions and making me more tuned in to what my opponents plans might be. Mark has a relaxed but very informative style of tuition and I have no hesitation in saying I have found the classes to be an absolute bargain in terms of value-for-money.

Chris, Retired, Intermediate Class

I really enjoyed getting back into playing chess after such a long time. I have found myself either sitting at home playing chess on the phone or on the computer during lunch time. I was delighted with Mark’s notes and found them very helpful and replayed the different gambits with myself.

Brian, Managing Director, Experienced Beginners Class

Having recently joined a chess class online with Mark I have been pleasantly initiated into the world of chess. Although I am a complete novice I always feel encouraged by Mark and the other participants to engage, participate and practice. I have surprised both myself and my partner by spending sometime on chess  websites after class trying to understand strategies & tactics. I do believe I am getting a little hooked and believe it or not I have even noticed my brain ‘connecting dots’ in other parts of my life which I put down to chess. Mark is a very patient, talented, humble teacher whose passion for chess is obvious and contagious.

Joan, Manager, Complete Beginners Class