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Chess Bud Ireland is an Irish chess coaching service for all ages and abilities. Steered at the helm by Mark Quinn IM, when you sign up to Chess Bud you are opening yourself up to a world of stimulating ideas.

Mark offers chess courses to chess players of all standards, both in groups and individually. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a budding star or a seasoned player why not sign up to Chess Bud today for a chance to discover a new hobby, meet new people and engage your mind! Go on, make the right move!

Mark is an International Master of Chess and was awarded the IM title at the FIDE Congress during the Istanbul Olympiad in 2000. He has represented Ireland at a Senior level in seven chess Olympiads. Mark was ranked number 1 in Ireland at the age of 17 and is currently the number 6 ranked active Irish player on the FIDE international rating list (2370 ELO).

Why play chess?

The benefits of learning to play chess are legion. Recent studies have shown that in addition to being an exciting, challenging activity, playing Chess increases problem-solving skills, raises IQ, increases creativity, improves memory and spatial skills, helps planning and foresight, exercises both sides of the brain and helps prevent Alzheimers.

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